Safehome is a fully licensed and insured Calgary based business with a goal to provide low cost home maintenance and repairs to seniors, allowing them to stay at home longer.  We also seek to improve the condition of rental properties, making them safe and comfortable for everyone. 

With the low availability and high pricing of seniors homes, many are choosing to (or need to) stay in their homes for longer. Others are far from needing to leave home, they just need a few things to make life easier. We specialize in home mobility upgrades for seniors. Providing easy turn handles, switches, bed risers and more, and we warranty everything. Safehome also takes care of your maintenance, from furnace filters and smoke detector batteries, to lawn and snow. Best of all we provide these services at a reasonable cost and in a reasonable time. 

While we have been providing these services for years, we really wanted to focus on group that really needed us. Seniors are our number one focus and we work with other companies to ensure fair and honest services tailored just for seniors. 

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