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Landlord home repair and Renovations

Landlord Walkthrough and Maintenance plans

We at Safehome are landlords too, so we understand that landlords need different solutions than most home owners. We specialize in low cost solutions for needed repairs, upgrades and turn-overs.



-Wall and paint repairs

-Faucet replacements

-Switches, plugs and lights

-Door and trim repairs

-Cabinet repairs and replacements

-Outside trim/gutters and siding

As a landlord, your house is your biggest asset. Keeping it in good working order is the most important item on the list. It keeps tenants happy and future costs down. At Safehome, we can help with this. In addition to low cost renovations and turn overs, we combine our popular maintenance program with other services designed just for landlords. We do inspection walk-throughs, not only performing all the basic maintenance tasks, but reporting back to you overall condition and any other items you may want to know. You can pick one of our checklists or have a custom one made for you. 

For more details on the maintenance plan, please see our maintenance page. For any other questions, please call us or email us.



Landlord plans start at $129.95 per visit or $11.99 per month


Cancel at any time, for any reason, we will refund you back to your last visit.

We accept cash, credit card, Etransfer or cheque. We can even set up auto debit payments.

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